Saturday, May 4, 2019

A feeling of Accomplishment!

A friend ask me today, "how are you feeling now that all of what you wanted to get done is close to being accomplished"? 

A very interesting feeling came over me, one of relief or of honor (satisfaction). I couldn't put my finder on it.  To think of where I was 3 years ago & the mind boggling thoughts of the work to be done, when I had no knowledge or experience in what was ahead. My reply " i can't even put it into words".  No words can describe what I have gone through, learned and accomplished. Oh maybe 1 word PROUD.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

check mate!

Now that I have all of my check marks marked off, for the time being, regarding my husbands killing.  I have recently felt a glimpse of a normal life.  One that I used to know but have thrown into the backseat to ferment as I dove into this journey of justice.

During my quick release into this new normal life, I have noticed that we as humans or people or souls, have become complainers or even more horrific, complacent! So quick to call a spade a spade and speak of change. Yet offer no real sacrifice to get that change.  Fear and complacency have taken over, everywhere.  I find it unbearable to deal with anyone who complains of Laws or family or how they have been screwed, when they have no will power or is it just excuses not to fight for what they believe.  I see some who mentally start the process but give up before it begins.

Life's to short, go to the beach, the mountains or stay in your home in your town, call it a day & stop your fight & your complaining or do something about it! As my journey continues...Wish me luck!

Monday, April 8, 2019

Dream it!

If you can Dream it, You Can Do it!  ~Walt Disney

Being an avid dreamer, this saying runs a long river of truth. Have you ever had a dream that within a day or two comes true?  Have you ever had a recurring dream as if someone is trying to pound a point into your head? What about seeing something, a place or event,  then realizing you had previously dreamed it or some portions of it. Well I have. 

My dreams have been a pivotal support for me trough out my life.  Maybe because I am spiritual or possibly because so much of what I dream comes forth in life. Regardless, this support and or ability has lead me into a 3 year adventure. One of twists and turns, unexpected delays, unsavory characters, funny smart souls too! Yet, the steps I needed to take as I saw in my dreams years ago never swayed and neither will the outcome. Sleep tight.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The last laugh

I have recently been in contact with families who have been or are going through the ringer with Prosecutors after the loss of a family member. Interestingly most are in Florida!!  Such a small % of DUI manslaughter violators are prosecuted to the Law.  

In one of my correspondence a Father had said that most DUI MANSLAUGHTER cases are not prosecuted because of overcrowding in our prisons.  I found this to be an interesting point of view whereas I find it to be to the contrary.  Most are imprisoned for much less then killing another! I've heard stories of drug dealers or even minor violators who spend more time in prison vs those in our Country who willingly drive drunk dead and take souls! Yet in any case the STATES make their money in fines!

Regardless of the excuses, why have we as a society not insisted that Prosecutors do their jobs according to the Laws we have voted in, whats the point of having Laws?  When did our crew of Elected Officials feel it safe to pave a road of making their own rules? When did they start tilting the scales (especially in DUI) to their favor regardless of the facts and the Laws broken? Why have we allowed it? Are those who take the wheel loaded getting the last laugh? Or is it just the wealthy? So many questions & I still do not find the humor.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019


As life would have it, this is the first time I have had a moment to get back to business.  After spending time in the armpit of Florida and enduring an 8 hour interrogation,( Huh, I didn't kill my husband)! That beautiful soul above we call God has thrust me into the next level!

I have managed to put the State & 2 unsavory Prosecutors on Notice of my intent, continue my Press Releases and I have moved to a smaller location which if anyone knows, can be the worst hell!! Well... no true hell is having your husband slaughtered but moving to a smaller home is mind boggling at least. NOW 10 bags of clothing, furniture donations, sore fingers and feet, I am ready to continue my adventure. Keep on rolling!

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Enjoying the ride!

I've been crazy busy recently as life will be.  With so much to deal with in this amazing world of the web and my rising start Fair Play Facts, I can sometimes go and go for hours. I have noticed a sense of peace coming over me.  I can't put my finger on what has brought this on or is it an accumulation of many things.

Is it simply that my soul is at peace with the experiences & situations that have been brought forth.  Could it be because I get so much support from family and friends old and new.  Maybe it's from my spiritual beliefs or possibly because of that wonderful man I call my Attorney.  Whatever it is, I feel so blessed and grateful.  #Goodthings

Saturday, February 16, 2019


Now I am in the discovery stage of my experiences. I've realized that I am much stronger than I have ever thought. It's almost a depressing feeling when your mind catches up with your soul. When all that you thought was reality becomes reality.  When you realize that you can handle your purpose and all that has been brought before you. It's like deja vu, when uncovering that you knew this, did this, or experienced this before.
As the sea is strong and unpredictable, so am I. What horizon is ahead? Who cares, because after what I have been through, it will be smooth sailing. Love Always #Godswatchingclosely